Studio R.S Architects

It’s not just about creating beautiful spaces, it’s about making them distinctly yours

The art of planning and interior design comes to life through the delicate interplay of structure, materials, textures, and colors.

At Rs.architects, we believe that the primary thread weaving this intricate fabric together is you.

Alongside architectural blueprints, we invite our clients to bring their thoughts, desires, and feelings to the table. We ask them to momentarily close their eyes and envision life in the space we’re about to transform. Because it’s in that magical intersection of the client’s aspirations and our expertise that the enchantment called “home” takes shape.

Our founder, Ricky Shimoni was brought up in the presence of her wood craftsman father, inheriting not only a deep appreciation for raw materials but also the respect they deserve. Following a degree in business administration from Reichman University, Ricky ventured into her father’s world only to discover her own passion leading her to a completely different horizon.

She graduated with honors from the architectural engineering and interior design department at Shenkar College, and the studio she established brilliantly embodies the wealth of knowledge acquired through her diverse experiences.

At Rs.architects, we’ve become an integral part of an international community of designers and architects who continuously share knowledge and stay attuned to evolving trends in the industry, yet steadfastly adhere to a timeless philosophy that celebrates comfort and versatility while infusing each project with ingenious design twists.

Our projects are not just spaces. They’re stories. They capture your personal essence and bring the world to it. With professionalism and genuine emotion, we craft spaces that beckon you to linger, to explore, and to savor.

It’s the kind of space you’ll want to be in more and more and more…